Recent courses:
IML 585: Creative Critical Writing
Creative Critical Writing Workshop is a craft-based exploration of techniques for writing about – or alongside, next to, or near – film, video, still images, sound, and other media forms. Moving beyond the conventions of scholarly writing, the course explores forms that have been variously dubbed creative nonfiction, the hybrid essay, memoir, the fourth genre, the lyric essay, the video essay, and poetic or vernacular criticism; and it considers writers who have contributed often stunning examples to the form, including Susan Sontag, Joan Didion, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Maggie Nelson, Gary Indiana, Hollis Frampton, Susan Howe, and more. In the class, students have the opportunity to read/view work by these authors, and others; to explore the rich history of alternative writing techniques; and to experience work that might be situated within the context of media studies but which deviates from the tradition of the thesis-driven scholarly article or book. 

CNTV 601: Seminar in Media and Design Studies
The Seminar in Media and Design Studies, a course in the Interdivisional Media Arts + Practice program, focuses on design and research methodologies in the hybrid space of theory/practice. It is designed to establish a critical and creative vocabulary drawing from the areas of critical studies, design, new media, and art practices, and begins to lay a foundation for future work in the iMAP program. With this in mind, the goals of the course are threefold:  1) to help participants identify and become acquainted with diverse research methodologies across multiple disciplines; 2) to query forms of integration of theory and practice with respect to research goals and scholarly practice; and 3) to demonstrate methods for establishing a robust research ecology.

IML 466: Digital Studies Symposium
The Digital Studies Symposium brings new media producers to the USC campus to present their projects, offering students a chance to understand the creative challenges presented by new media design. Participants showcase cutting-edge, media-rich work, including Web-based documentaries, mobile projects, social media campaigns, video games and more. The Spring 2013 version of the Digital Studies Symposium course focuses on media artists, and asks the following questions:
• what can scholars who want to communicate via diverse media formats learn from media artists?
• where do art, design and scholarly communication overlap?
• can scholarly media be immersive, engaging and pleasurable?

Shaping Things Graduate Seminar
“Shaping Things” derives from Bruce Sterling’s book of the same title; the book invites ambitious souls to “constructively intervene in the process of technosocial transformation,” a project shared, however indirectly, by Ph.D. candidates within the Media Arts + Practice program. This biweekly seminar supports work in preparation for the written exam project critique.