Blur + Sharpen

Posted on November 7, 2009 by Holly Willis

Founded in 2002 by USC’s Steve Anderson and Holly Willis, Blur + Sharpen, named for a tool in Photoshop, was originally a screening series dedicated to exploring a full range of digital media projects that hover at the intersection of motion graphics, animation, design and video. Out of this convergence, an as-yet unnamed artform has emerged that celebrates hybridity and synthesis, processing and computation. This series has responded by blurring the boundaries among formerly separate art forms, while sharpening the aesthetic discourse, historical context and creative foundations that surround them. The goal of the series has been to create a forum within which students, faculty and interested participants from outside the university could experience and discuss digital art works in an informal setting. After many years within the university setting, Blur + Sharpen expanded in October 2008 to a blog on the KCET Local Web site, where it now serves as a city-wide forum for discussing new media art and practice. You can also keep up with Blur + Sharpen on Twitter by following @blurandsharpen.